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Power Notes

Poetry For The Soul! Prison Poetry

Our prayers is that this book will serve as a resource of information and inspiration for those who are behind prison walls, friends and family members of the incarcerated, prison volunteers, law enforcement, correctional professionals, attorneys and community activists. If you are not actively involved in prison ministry inside or outside the prison system, our prayers is that this book will ignite the fire that is needed for you to get involved. This book contains poems created by the author and quotes from famous leaders. May God of this Universe grant you divine wisdom and favor. And May God grant you the courage to stand for Freedom of Injustices to prisoners throughout the World.

The Adventures of Wonder Turtle!

The Golden Star

Where is My Mommy?

Where is my Mommy? This book is an inspirational children's book. It has a wonderful story line and plot. The pictures are very beautiful in helping to communicate the story. This story will help parents and teachers at an early age to introduce their children to the importance of not doing drugs and peer pressure. This book gives a beautiful illustration of the characters need for God and the importance of prayer. This book is a must for any children's library and home. Please don't miss out on an exciting opportunity to share with your child a wonderful story about life's choices that they will love.