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7 Minute Devotions

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7 Minute Devotion, "Feeling Overwhelmed"

Our Mission

Our mission is providing Biblical solutions through prayer, teaching, preaching, counseling and coaching that will help transform lives by radio, television, online and print media services.

The Toss Show

Chaplain Yolanda Walker was Blessed to served as a Co-Host for the for the former Online TV Show, The Toss Show, please check out some of the television shows, you will be Blessed.

Introduction of TV Host, please click link

Thanksgiving and Gluttony, please click on link

Depression during the Holidays, please click link

New Year's Show, please click link

Meditation and Worship Music

Prayer and Meditation, just click the link

Chaplain Yolanda Walker Sermon's

Power, This Sermon was preach at Mt. Olive for a Women's Conference under the leadership of Pastor Janie Sterling.

Biblical Solutions

Our society has been plagued with darkness and there has been a great turning away from God our creator.  We have tried to substitute different prescriptions, illegal and some legal to alleviate pain.  Along with relationships codependency, addictions such as:  gambling, sex, money, shopping, etc. We are not against medications, but medication cannot be abused or substituted in way that one thinks it's a cure all for their individual life.  We will examine God's Word and apply God's pill (God's Message) for our lives.  We welcome medicine and therapy, for those that need it that we may be balanced totally in mind, body, soul and spirit. We cannot be totally set free and whole without God.  God is here for us, no matter if you are broken from a relationship, church hurt, forsaken by family or friends, his message and prescription is still his Word.  And there is an answer for your life.

Welcome to the The Church Doctor Show, where we are prescribing Biblical Solutions just for you.  No matter if it’s a problem in Marriage and Family, Money, Ministry, or mental, emotional and Spiritual health, God has the answer, take the Gospel (God's pill for your life).

Our Lord and Savior, and our soon coming King, Dr. Jesus would like to hear from you today.  Seek him with your whole heart, he is ready to speak to you, through his Word and His Spirit.

And remember, you are VICTORIOUS, In Christ Jesus.